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Seijgraaf Consultancy

There are more than 500,000 products, services and solutions currently made available by the medical technology industry. These range from bandages, blood tests and hearing aids to cancer screening tests, pacemakers and glucose monitors. We exist since 1985 and that we have more then 600 unique clients.

Our Specialization

Market Access

Because of our extensive knowledge and experience, Seijgraaf Consultancy is able to advice and to provide guidance throughout the process, from product development to the eventual market entrance, and all phases in between.


For a successful market introduction of pharmaceutical products, medical devices and medical technologies, it's of great importance that the product or the device fits in the reimbursement system we have in the Netherlands (system with Health Insurance companies).

Knowledge development

Besides using our knowledge and experience in the field of healthcare financing for our customers, Seijgraaf values the development of this knowledge among our customers and the organisations we collaborate with. We transfer our knowledge in various ways

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